MUST HAVE by Milan Design Week 2017. Part 4

Nubuck – a pleasant material in all respects

Connoisseurs of leather sofas and chairs this season should make a choice in favor of nubuck furniture. Nubuck – the same skin, but the “character” softer. For tactile and visual sensations, this material is located somewhere between normal skin and velor. If earlier the use of nubuck for covering furniture was limited due to the fear of rapid contamination of the material, now modern protective and cleaning liquids guarantee such furnishings a long and untainted life.

Ode to nature

Decor with natural motives among top trends as never before. However, the attention of artists and designers focused primarily on natural ornamental. They are not interested in a single flower or shrub, but in natural repeating patterns: leaves, petals, and branches.

Volumetric decorative panels with natural elements, lamps and floor lamps that mimic the flora and fauna. Even the composition of dry branches is very popular in the modern interior.


Kitsch decor items are always a bit shocking, so they should be used with caution. If you want “kitsch” decor to work on the interior as it should, practice your sense of irony. Moreover, the usage of such items should be minimalized, so that the interior does not become “overloaded.” But if you are decorating rooms in the style of the 70s (which are sometimes called “screaming”) such kitschy accents might be a very well turned decision and become the “highlight” of the interior.

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