Coral of my house. Part 1

Bantes Design Tips for Using Season Color

Red is obviously the summer color. This is the color of ripe fruit and berries, sea sunset and first tan.

The fashionable color of the summer season 2018 is coral. Being a shade of red, it has its powerful energy. At the same time, there is refinement, elegance and even some mystery in it coming from the depths of the sea.

Coral shade is ideal to refresh the country residence, or to give a “holiday mood” to the city apartment. Take advantage of Bantes Design’s tips to bring fashionable summer accents to your home with just few touches.

Marine motives

The easiest option to create a vacation atmosphere at your home is to decorate the lounge area with the voyage motives. Souvenirs from corals, sea stars or shells can be supplemented with photographs and posters in frames or a mat of coral hue. To complete the image use home textile items of the same color: blanket, throw pillows or other accessories. By the way, pure coral color “rhymes” well with one more color from the marine palette – turquoise, which, by the way, is also in fashion this year.

“You’re among your own”

Brave experimenters should try a combination of coral with other shades of red – scarlet, pink, orange. Next to close colors, coral reveals its full potential. Connection with scarlet will appear more red, pink will show its tenderness, and orange – sunshine.

An arrangement of accessories of these shades (decorative panel, carpet or a group of lamps) will play the role of a flower garden in the house, attracting the eyes and giving a rest to the eyes, creating a festive mood.

Center of gravity

Paint one of the walls in red and thereby create a center of gravity – one of the popular methods in modern design. However, it is not suitable for everyone, because the red color is quite aggressive and can destroy the atmosphere of relaxation. Another thing – coral. It also attracts attention well, but forms a more suitable background. In addition, this shade fits well with various textures, embossed decorative plaster, artificially aged surfaces. Bantes Design Council – do not cover the entire wall with coral, only its section, especially if it is a niche.

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