MUST HAVE by Milan Design Week 2017. Part 3

Flash forward to the 70s

The style of 70s of the last century is being reinterpreted by designers. This era replaced the aesthetics of Scandinavian minimalism and industrial loft, so popular in recent decades. It is also a rather laconic that meets the style requirements of the megalopolis modern urban space. But his role in the trendy interior is not limited to a simple retrospective. Decorators borrowed the idea, giving it a new incarnation. If the real 70s were closer to the mass product, then the modern remake is rather elitist. Expensive materials and original design solutions make the interior, made in this style, not only fashionable, but also respectable.

New Old Art Deco

Modern replicas of the Great Gatsby style are once again at the forefront of interior fashion. The art deco style is also geometric and strict, but more restrained and luxurious than the era of shocking 70s. In the interiors decorated in this style, there are a lot of graphic ornaments on the walls and the floor, but the color scheme is exquisite and muted. Heavy curved furniture, intricate decorative panels create an atmosphere of a high-class salon. The tone sets the laminated dark wood noble texture.

Wooden lace

If recently designers preferred to paint wooden surfaces, today natural wood occupies one of the central places in the interior. Now it attracts attention, carefully emphasizing its natural color and texture.

Polished, laminated, make fantasy carving, real wooden lace. This season’s trendy interior necessarily includes products and parts made of unpainted wood.

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