MUST HAVE by Milan Design Week 2017. Part 2

Liquid rubber

Decor objects of “liquid rubber” – one of the fashion recent times innovations. This material is great for finishing various surfaces: panels, table tops. In this design, a coffee table or a bureau look advantageously. The peculiarity of the “liquid rubber” like the batik technique, the painting takes place according to the liquid composition, which then hardens. As a result, each product gains its own individual style unlike any other. Moreover, applying a layer of transparent rubber over the painted surface gives an interesting mirror effect.

New incarnation of marble

Marble, of course, is not new to the interior. Ever since antiquity, this noble material has been used for the decoration of high-profile private and public premises. However, if earlier marble was used primarily for lining floors, walls, columns, bathrooms and other monumental objects, now designers have rediscovered it as a material for creating small forms (tables, floor decorations, vases, and even dishes). Modern designers are breaking the frames of settled traditions giving marble new twists or flying forms. Of particular originality is the combination of the “heaviness” of the stone and the “ease” of its presentation. The breakthrough was made thanks to innovative technologies (laser cutting and digital programming of machines).

Yellow metal: brass, bronze, gilding

For several years, modern interiors gleamed with the cold shine of metal. In favor were chrome and steel parts and objects. While gold products were considered an attribute of the classical or neo-classical style and its derivatives (baroque, rococo, etc.). Now everything has changed. Metal of warm colors took the first lines of this year’s design ratings tables. Bronze, brass, copper, and of course, gold, including the so-called pink gold are taking their premium place. At the same time, in order to successfully “register” the gold-plated parts in the minimalist interior and to compensate for their excessive pompousness, they choose concise original forms.

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