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  • Exclusive furniture
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We will assist you in selecting furniture of any style
- meeting your taste and requirements

We present products of leading manufacturers in the world and we arrange for direct deliveries of exclusive furniture, state-of-the-art lighting equipment, luxurious textiles, elegant and stylish doors, various decorative elements, wallpapers and parquet. We solely offer high-quality and well-tried products of the leading Italian manufacturers, such as

Roberto Cavalli



Meroni Francesco

Modenese Gastone

as well as of other manufacturers whose products will lend comfort and luxury to your rooms.
There are a lot of different furniture styles. Our experts will assist you in selecting exquisite and comfortable furniture which will perfectly fit into the design of your rooms.

Furniture styles:
Empire style - application of antique motives
Baroque - a bizarre style, rich in gold plating and incrustation as well as fringed decorative textiles
Gothic style - copying of church architecture (arrows, turrets, crosscut riffled elements)
Classicism -strong laconic forms, precise and harmonious proportions, decoration reduced to bare essentials
Country - rustic cottage style
Minimalism - straightforwardness, simplicity, deficiency of ornaments, drawings, minimum of accessories
Modern style - a complicated system of a linear ornament which is based on motives with strongly stylized colours
Pop-art - modern materials in bright, vivid colours, flowing forms
Functionalism - the interior design is based on the principle of functionality, the furniture have distinct completed forms. For example, an armchair can imitate the lines of the arms and back of a sitting person
High tech - materials of the furniture: glass, metal, plastic, natural wood; complete absence of decorative elements
Eclecticism - combination of 2-3 styles that blend together through the use of the same materials and surface finishes
Ethnic style - application of forms and motives that are typical for a specific country

Dear clients, the choice is yours!

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